Minggu, 04 November 2012

The consequences of the Syahadah

1.       Laa Ma’buuda bihaqqin illallah (only Allah swt reserves the right to comply with and adhere)
2.       Laa Haakim illallah (absolute Law derived from Allah swt)
3.       Laa Malik illallah (absolute rulers, except there was no Allah swt)
4.       Laa Khaliq illallah (There is no Creator Allah swt of all things except)
5.       Laa Raaziq illallah (No one could give Rizqi except Allah swt)
6.       Laa Ilaaha illahuwa yuhyii wa yumiit (No false gods that can turn on and off unless Allah swt)
7.       Laa Nafi walaa Dhaar  illallah (Nothing can bring benefits and not cause other than Allah swt)
8.       Laa Haula walaa quwwata ila billahi (No power other than the power and authority of Allah swt)
9.       Laa Yatawakkal illallah (No trust except to Allah swt)
10.   Laa Mujiibadda’awaat illallah (no one can grant the prayers except Allah swt)
11.   Laa Dinul haqq ila diinullah (There were no Rules in addition to the rules of Allah swt)
12.   Laa Khosyyata walaa Khaufa illallah (No one deserves a feared except fear Allah swt)
13.   Laa Ghooyatal hub ila lillah (No one deserves a feared except fear Allah swt)

the question is. ...! whether we've planted a strong testimony of the joints, and always keep it. or still do ourselves trying to associate Allah swt with the other Gods.
All there is within us ... ..!!!

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