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Don't stop, not with a stop would hamper the pace of development, but actually nature teaches that you will never be able to stop. Even though you keep silent there, nature will still invite you to an excursion around the Sun, then bergeraklah, berkaryalah, and continued to work. Working not to get something, but the work will provide happiness and produce themselves. That is what is expected by the nature of your self.

Water will move faster to foul, the key that is rarely opened easier fibre, machines that rarely used will more easily corroded, vessels that are not in use and stored in a closet meeting will be more

Therefore all nature has to teach it to you, so don't stop to work and work, or you will find quick steps of old and useless.

Working swing steps reaching goals and expectations, will always awake when you managed to overcome laziness and guilt will be a failure.
 went on to carve out a work history in you, then it will create a sense of ideals and spiritual satisfaction and priceless.

Tips to prevent diabetes mellitus

Health is one of the delights that are necessary for us are thankful for and we do not waste it, because the value of the favour of health cannot be measured with the material. the failure of most experienced community right now is a pattern of daily life that too many on one side are the other side is too pressed.
You can prevent type-2 diabetes through lifestyle changes. Do some simple changes in your lifestyle now can help you prevent and control diabetes
Here are a few tips in preventing diabetes;

      1.   Do more physical activity
There are many benefits of exercising on a regular basis. Exercise can help improve your body's sensitivity to insulin, which helps keep blood sugar levels within the normal range. According to a study conducted on men who were followed for 10 years, for every 500 kcal burned per week through exercise, there is a 6% decrease in relative risks for developing diabetes. The research also noted the greater benefit in men who are fatter.
By increasing exercise, the body use insulin more efficiently for up to 70 hours after exercise. So, work out 3-4 times a week would be beneficial in most people. Research shows that both aerobic exercise and resistance exercise can help control diabetes, but the greatest benefit comes from a fitness program that includes both. It should be noted that many of the benefits of exercise are independent of weight loss. However, when combined with weight loss, its profits increased substantially.

      2.   Get a lot of fibre in food
Food-count not only reduces the risk of diabetes by improving blood sugar control but it also lowers the risk of heart disease and maintaining ideal body weight by helping you feel full. Foods high in fiber include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and tubers. One of the foods high in fiber that is proven to control diabetes is rice bran or bran.

      3.   Eat nuts and seeds
Although it is not clear why, whole grains can reduce the risk of diabetes and help maintain blood sugar levels. In a study on more than 83.000 women, consumption of nuts (and peanut butter) seems to indicate some protective effect against the development of diabetes. Women who are consuming more than five servings of one ounce of nuts per week reduces the risk of exposure to diabetes than women who do not consume nuts at all.

      4.   Lose weight
About 80% of diabetics are overweight and overweight. If you are overweight, diabetes prevention can depend on weight loss. Every kg you are losing weight can improve your health. In a study, of adults who are overweight reduce your risk of diabetes they amounted to 16 percent for each kilogram of body weight is lost. Also, those who lose some weight at least 5 to 10 percent of initial body weight and exercise regularly to reduce the risk of diabetes nearly 60 percent in three years.

      5.   Expand drinking low-fat milk products
Data about the low-fat dairy products seem to vary, depending on whether You are fat or not. In people with obesity, more and more low-fat milk that is consumed, the lower the risk of metabolic syndrome. In particular, those who consume more than 35 servings of milk products are a week have significantly lower risk than those who consumed less than 10 servings a week. Interestingly, this relationship is not so strong in people who lean.

      6.   Reduce the  animal fats
In a study of more than 42,000 people, a diet high in red meat, processed meat, high-fat dairy products, and sweets, is associated with an increased risk of diabetes is nearly twice that of those who eat a healthy diet. It is independent of body weight and other factors.

      7.   Reduce consumption of sugar
Sugar consumption alone is not associated with the development of type 2 diabetes. However, after adjusting for weight and other variables, there seems to be a relationship between drinking sugar-laden and the development of type 2 diabetes. The woman who is always drinking one or more sugared drinks a day had nearly twice the risk of developing diabetes than women who only occasionally or don't drink sugared drinks.

      8.   Quit smoking
Smoking is not only contributing to heart disease and led to the lung cancer but is also associated with the development of diabetes. Smoke more than 20 stems a day can increase the risk of diabetes more than tripled compared to people who do not smoke. The exact cause for this is not known very well. The possibility of smoking directly lowers the body's ability to utilize insulin. In addition, there is a connection between smoking and body fat distribution. Smoking is likely to push the 'Apple' body shape which is a risk factor for diabetes

      9.   Avoid trans fat
Avoid consuming trans fats (vegetable oil terhidrogenasi) that is widely used in processed products and fast food. The oil is contributing to an increased risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

      10. Get support
Get your friends, family or group who assist you in preventing diabetes. They can support You in maintaining your new healthy lifestyle.

Make It ....??
Health it is directly proportional to the pattern of our daily lives and more mainstream is a pattern approach to true belief.
Healthy is now within your grasp ... ...!

The consequences of the Syahadah

1.       Laa Ma’buuda bihaqqin illallah (only Allah swt reserves the right to comply with and adhere)
2.       Laa Haakim illallah (absolute Law derived from Allah swt)
3.       Laa Malik illallah (absolute rulers, except there was no Allah swt)
4.       Laa Khaliq illallah (There is no Creator Allah swt of all things except)
5.       Laa Raaziq illallah (No one could give Rizqi except Allah swt)
6.       Laa Ilaaha illahuwa yuhyii wa yumiit (No false gods that can turn on and off unless Allah swt)
7.       Laa Nafi walaa Dhaar  illallah (Nothing can bring benefits and not cause other than Allah swt)
8.       Laa Haula walaa quwwata ila billahi (No power other than the power and authority of Allah swt)
9.       Laa Yatawakkal illallah (No trust except to Allah swt)
10.   Laa Mujiibadda’awaat illallah (no one can grant the prayers except Allah swt)
11.   Laa Dinul haqq ila diinullah (There were no Rules in addition to the rules of Allah swt)
12.   Laa Khosyyata walaa Khaufa illallah (No one deserves a feared except fear Allah swt)
13.   Laa Ghooyatal hub ila lillah (No one deserves a feared except fear Allah swt)

the question is. ...! whether we've planted a strong testimony of the joints, and always keep it. or still do ourselves trying to associate Allah swt with the other Gods.
All there is within us ... ..!!!


If Everything Fails ......
Failure does not mean you will not successfully
you only need a little bit more
chances of failure does not mean you're a loser
You a chance to start again try something new
Failure does not mean that God left you
but because God has a plan for you that
is better.So true, a failure that never ends.
(Dr. Robert Schuller)

Johannes Lim, Ph.d in books Just DUIT revealed some of the causes of the failure of life:
  1. Life without purpose leads to a focused and valuable so don't know what it is and how it is achieved
  2. Lacking self discipline so have unproductive habits 
  3. Less ambition to achieve a better and more successful so that it did not have sufficient fighting power to be a winner.
  4. Poor health as a result of negative thoughts and bad diet
  5. Less persistence so easy to give up and quit trying though haven't gotten anything.
  6. Negative mental attitude are varied like Slacker, scornful, etc.
  7. Can't control their emotions so impressed labile and less trustworthy.
  8. The desire to get something without a willingness to sacrifice something so impressed the lazy, selfish, harm others and bad taste are invited to hang out
  9. Not always take decisions quickly and decisively though all the necessary facts available so many lost a golden opportunity and change the odds of becoming an obstacle.
  10. Unusual managing time and money so more chance for gold is not funded and ran out of capital.
  11. Lack of vision and imagination that cause other people can't imagine.
  12. Not loyal and love betrayed, which resulted in a loss of trust in others and trust yourself.
  13. Were not willing to work harder and or the member more than average.
so by learning from various failure ever experienced, sluman, slumun, slamet is trying to toughen up and start again rebuilding debris scattered.