Minggu, 04 November 2012


Don't stop, not with a stop would hamper the pace of development, but actually nature teaches that you will never be able to stop. Even though you keep silent there, nature will still invite you to an excursion around the Sun, then bergeraklah, berkaryalah, and continued to work. Working not to get something, but the work will provide happiness and produce themselves. That is what is expected by the nature of your self.

Water will move faster to foul, the key that is rarely opened easier fibre, machines that rarely used will more easily corroded, vessels that are not in use and stored in a closet meeting will be more

Therefore all nature has to teach it to you, so don't stop to work and work, or you will find quick steps of old and useless.

Working swing steps reaching goals and expectations, will always awake when you managed to overcome laziness and guilt will be a failure.
 went on to carve out a work history in you, then it will create a sense of ideals and spiritual satisfaction and priceless.

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