Minggu, 04 November 2012


If Everything Fails ......
Failure does not mean you will not successfully
you only need a little bit more
chances of failure does not mean you're a loser
You a chance to start again try something new
Failure does not mean that God left you
but because God has a plan for you that
is better.So true, a failure that never ends.
(Dr. Robert Schuller)

Johannes Lim, Ph.d in books Just DUIT revealed some of the causes of the failure of life:
  1. Life without purpose leads to a focused and valuable so don't know what it is and how it is achieved
  2. Lacking self discipline so have unproductive habits 
  3. Less ambition to achieve a better and more successful so that it did not have sufficient fighting power to be a winner.
  4. Poor health as a result of negative thoughts and bad diet
  5. Less persistence so easy to give up and quit trying though haven't gotten anything.
  6. Negative mental attitude are varied like Slacker, scornful, etc.
  7. Can't control their emotions so impressed labile and less trustworthy.
  8. The desire to get something without a willingness to sacrifice something so impressed the lazy, selfish, harm others and bad taste are invited to hang out
  9. Not always take decisions quickly and decisively though all the necessary facts available so many lost a golden opportunity and change the odds of becoming an obstacle.
  10. Unusual managing time and money so more chance for gold is not funded and ran out of capital.
  11. Lack of vision and imagination that cause other people can't imagine.
  12. Not loyal and love betrayed, which resulted in a loss of trust in others and trust yourself.
  13. Were not willing to work harder and or the member more than average.
so by learning from various failure ever experienced, sluman, slumun, slamet is trying to toughen up and start again rebuilding debris scattered.

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